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Drones have become increasingly popular. It is becoming an important technological gadget that many people are finding more useful by the day. It may not be as indispensible as the mobile phone yet, but with the increase in demand for it, it might eventually become an indispensible gadget to both individuals and companies.



Drone military use

Drones were initially created for Military use but now, drones are being used for security purposes, wildlife research, live events coverage, photography, making movies, etc. Drones are now so versatile that they can be used for almost in any kind of field or industry.


The best part of it now is that many big stores are contemplating using drones for delivery of goods to customers. If that happens, it could actually mean a reduction in shipping costs. According to recent market research, the sales of drones have increased drastically in the last 2 years. This is largely due to the fact that the use of drones is no longer just limited to the military but now also useful for both individuals and businesses.


With the use of drones now increasing, it now brings up the question: where can we find drones and how do we buy them? Here are some tips on the types of drones available based on their specific purposes and the best places to look for them.



Drones For Beginners

There are some drones that are easy to operate, especially for a new drone user. They are cheaper and smaller but basic drone technology. They can easily be flown indoors. The only downside is that they don’t do too well outside when it is windy because they are lightweight. Because of their basic technology, these small drones with camera don’t usually produce good quality videos and pictures unlike the technologically advanced drones. The major advantage of these kinds of drones is that they provide the opportunity for a newbie to learn how to fly a drone and gain enough basic experience.
They offer about 6 to 8 minutes of flight time and are charged within 1 hour or slightly more. The most common drones for beginners are Blade Nano QX, Estes Proto X and Air Hogs Helix, all of which are less than $100.


Drones For Intermediates

These kinds of drones are made of more advanced technology. They bigger, heavier and these ones can be flown outside. These ones come with a better quality camera than the ones for beginners. Some of them can be fitted with camera manually. These drones can be used for recreational purposes and they cost between $300 and $1000.

Advanced Drones

This is the most expensive class of drones because they are made of more advanced technology than all the others. The prices range from $1000 and above. These drones are more complex but they have better and more functionalities. They come with multiple rotors, from 4 to 8. They also have the highest quality of cameras.

How or Where to Get Drones

There are many online stores that deal with the sale and purchase of drones, both locally and internationally but most of them are based in the USA and China. There are other stores scattered all across the world. The following are some of the top drones stores available. This is one of the biggest drones store.Hobbyking manufactured most of their products. They designed some of the other products that they sell the rest of the products they sell are neither manufactured nor designed by Hobbyking. You’ll find both high quality and low quality drones on, so you have to check carefully before choosing the one to buy.  To be safe, read the reviews about the drones before you decided on the best option. You can also find drones in the classified section of In fact, this site is considered as the Craigslist of radio control stuff. You will find very good deals for drones on this site but be careful so that you don’t get sold the wrong quality of product. Most of the sellers are good but a few of them are not. So, be very careful who you buy from and make sure you get what you pay for.


DJI: This is the leading company in the civilian drone industry. It is a Chinese company that manufactures drones for both commercial and recreational purposes. The headquartersis in China but they are also in North America, Japan and Europe. It has over 3000 workers all over and has generated revenue running intoa billiondollars. sells practically everything. Theyare presently working on developing their own drones, which they want to use to ship packages to customers within thirty minutes.

By doing this, they will cut down on shipping costs and also reduce their shipping time. This is an American company based in Los Angeles. They sell cheap drones for beginners and also expensive drones for the experienced user. They have a 25000 square feet warehouse from where they sell and deliver drones to every part of the world. This is also an American company where you can easily buy high quality FPV frames and components etc. This site offers prices that are relatively better than You can easily buy high-end drones for aerial photography from this site. This is a Hong Kong based company that sells a wide range of drones including the ones on DJI, Tarot and Walkera etc.



If you are really interested in getting a drone, whether for private or commercial purposes, just check out these sites and you’ll find different options. Remember to read reviews before you make your decision and make sure you don’t get scammed by any seller.


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